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TBSI Provides Manufacturing Solutions for Buyers and Engineers Who are Facing Production Constraints

Successful projects take hard work, organization, and good partners. You're expected to deliver parts on time and within budget, and this requires projects to go smoothly and stay on schedule. Unfortunately, hitting production constraints happens frequently, creating stressful situations that cause you to feel anxious.

We understand you need quality parts delivered quickly in order to succeed. For over 20 years, TBSI has focused on agile project management - this means no corporate red tape and siloed departments. Our compact team works quickly with our expansive network to provide quotes quickly to solve your production constraints and save your project.

How to Get Started

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    1. Submit RFQ

    Fill out the form and attach your RFQ along with any prints, tolerances, specifics needed for this particular project.

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    2. Determine Fit

    We'll acknowledge and review your RFQ to determine if we are a fit for you. We'll reach out with any questions.

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    3. Receive Your Quote

    We will respond with a competitive quote that includes both pricing and lead times.


Our Story

In 1998, Mark Taylor noticed the potential of underutilized assets in hometown machine shops and realized there were vast amounts of high tech, high production manufacturing equipment sitting idle.  The idea to seek out and unify this equipment under one firm was born.

Meet the Team

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President and Owner
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Operations Manager
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Logistics and Account Manager
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Purchasing Manager
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Sales and Business Development
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Compact. Agile. Ready.

The TBSI team is ready to help you with your production constraints. Our agile nature allows us to work quickly to assess your needs, find the right solution, and get your project back on track.

Overcome Production Constraints. Contact TBSI.