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As a manufacturer, you are always searching for the best way to fully utilize your capabilities. It’s not easy though and sometimes capabilities are underutilized, costing you precious resources.

Our supplier network had been built through decades of learning what customers need and how to fulfill those needs quickly. Our suppliers respond quickly to RFQ’s and work hard to get the job done right for our clients every time.

Complete our Supplier Interest Form for more information or to ask any questions you have regarding the supplier partnership. If you’re ready to get started then the first step is to complete the Supplier Self-Assessment Form.

How to Become a TBSI Supplier

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2. Schedule a Site Visit We'll visit your facility and learn more about your business and how we can work together.
Become a TBSI supplier
3. Become a TBSI Supplier Fully utilize your equipment and increase profit by working with TBSI.
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Supplier Interest Form

Fill out this form with any questions you have regarding the TBSI supplier program. If you are ready to get started, you can skip this form and begin completing the Supplier Self-Assessment Form

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